Chapter 33: Let’s Go to College

As previously mentioned, my Mother and I ended up taking a tour of the College of Santa Fe on the way to Nevada: a cesspool of venereal diseases and gambling. It felt like fate as I had just finished reading Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphasis and the college, henceforth referred to as CSF, was putting on an adaptation in the theater department. Also, it felt right. A group of misfit artists all in one place, ones that didn’t fit in during their high school years. What could go wrong? (see Chapter 28)

After getting accepted, the first thing they encouraged me to do is sign up for the myspace rip-off to meet other students. One of the first people I chatted with, and one of the people I chatted with the most, is this guy named Coery Awesomeson (name changed for piracy reasons) who would go on to become my best friend in the male category subsection: post high school friends. Funny story, when we first met, I did not recognize him, because he was very tall. Very, very tall, like an inch taller than me, and had long hair, much like a serial killer in a Rob Zombie movie that wasn’t released yet.

My roommate was a person who was not on the CSFspace website, so I had to do some digging (see Google Search) and found out he was a 45 year old man living in Dallas. Turns out his father had the same name as him, which was a relief because I did not have much in common with 45 year old men at that time.

The good news is that he was not only significantly less than 45 years old, but he was also pretty cool. We played Syphon Filter together once and then never played it again. At one point, he procured an Urhu and, I believe, got pretty good at it eventually. There was an easier dynamic there than living with a 45-year-old man, I assume, and communication was healthy when we had an issue, so there wasn’t any major drama that I remember.

I probably screwed something up somewhere, but denial is amazing.