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My Mother's favorite game growing up was an obscure one called Fun Fair Game, which she had played so much that her copy was being held together by scotch tape.

From what I can tell, the game was made in 1961 by Whitman Publishing, LLC (who also made Hi-Ho Cherry-O). It looks like there was only one edition of the game before Whitman was acquired by Mattel in 1979.

What this means is that Mattel owes the rights to the game but never remade or re-released it.

Basically, having a complete and in-shape copy of the game is kinda rare, especially if you liked it so much you played it often, which was the case with my Mother's copy of it.

After borrowing a copy of the game, I scanned each piece in and went to work recreating it all digitally. There was an...offensive part of the game that I replaced, mainly because I felt awkward drawing it, so it's not a 1:1 recreation, but it's pretty close.

It took about 3 months to get everything as close to the original as possible, including inking and coloring, before it was sent off to a company I used for other projects to be printed and shipped off to Texas for my Mother's birthday.

I was pretty sure her copy of the game wasn't going to last that much longer, so now she has a copy that will last a few more decades, if not longer.

Please Note: This was not made for profit and only one copy exists.

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The Results
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Board Comparison

Card Restoration